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Hey there...

I'm Peyton - But first I'm...

Babe, Mama, Peyt

Last name Scott :) 

I am a Texas girl born & raised. I grew up with three brothers which really shaped the wild and free personality that I have today. Ever since I was little I always enjoyed trying new artistic hobbies. Taking pictures on my iPad and editing them, drawing or painting, and being outdoors consumed my free time. I got my first camera in 2014 for Christmas and absolutely fell in love with it. Soon after that I became pregnant with my first son at just 15 years old. It changed me a lot and photography became an outlet + source of therapy for me. I would do all kinds of creative shoots from kiddie pools, to glitter & paint, basically anything I could think of.... In 2018 I met my husband and we dated for two months until I became pregnant with my second son. My mother-in-law is a photographer and together we have learned from each other and been able to capture each season of life together of our family. We have created so many memories of our littles and each other to be cherished forever. I didn't truly take off with my business until meeting her. Ever since then we have invested in and continued to capture memories for each other and our clients. In 2021 I had my third baby who is also our first girl! We are all so over the moon about her. She was exactly what our family needed. I cannot wait to see where photography takes me next and would love to have the opportunity to tell your story through emotionally driven photographs.

girl sitting in front of gas pumps posing
girl in studio with plant posing

Little things about me...

I  absolutely love belting music to the top of my lungs in the car...

I freaking love street tacos and trying new coffee shops

My favorite color is green

I cuss like sailor ... oops

My dream vacation is Scotland 

am a sucker for any and all romance movies

I listen to zach bryan on repeat - like all day...

low-key wish I grew up in the 70s

am the most confusing mix between girly & tom girl.

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